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Jue Yao
The Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference has confirmed the appointment of Jue Yao as the Shanghai Political Consultative Committee Member in Jan 2008.

The highlight of all Ms. Yao's achievements was her tremendous effort in being the
first Chinese Musician ever owned a World famous Violin, a Stradivarius dating back to 1713.  

Born in Shanghai, China, virtuoso Jue Yao is the only violinist to be included in the 1995 book "China's Famous Females" published by the International Women's Congress in Beijing. Her photo graces the cover with the caption "Jue Yao's playing shows that the Chinese have reached a world class level in music making."
In 1982, she was awarded a full scholarship by the San Francisco Conservatory of Music to continue her violin studies with Zaven Melikian. Later she graduated from the Juilliard School of New York where she studied under Dorothy DeLay.

Ms Yao founded the "Yao Jue Music Academy" and the "Hong Kong Children's Chamber Orchestra” in Hong Kong. She is also the first Chinese musician to be received by President Castro of Cuba. Ms Yao was awarded the “Outstanding Violinist Rado Timeless Award” in 2002. She also served on the International Jury Panel for the Montblanc Arts Patronage Award in 2003.
In November 2004, Ms Yao was awarded “Ten Outstanding Young Persons” in Hong Kong. Recently, Ms Yao was invited by Opera Hong Kong to be their Artistic Advisor and was
appointed by Hong Kong Government to be a Member of the Arts Development Council. Ms Yao now holds a number of important seats on various committees and organizations and is a Council Member of the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts and one of the members of the Programme Committee of Hong Kong Arts Festival Society. 

In May 2006, Ms. Yao performed at the Hong Kong Coliseum with Hong Kong pop diva Joey Yung, and the world-renowned Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra. This crossover of classical music and modern pop further illustrates Ms. Yao's impressively versatile repertoire, and secures her role as one of Hong Kong's most important representatives and pioneers on the international stage.

Last, but not least, Ms Yao in 2005 achieved the status of being one of Hong Kong's “Ten Most Successful Women”.

Ms. Yao is now planning for a series of activities for Year 2008-2009, details to be announced later.

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